Close Up promises a different setting, reinvented and redecorated from floor to ceiling during each edition: as soon as they enter, the guests immediately find themselves in another world. Close Up is also the opportunity for the public to do more than passively watch a show. These are real participatory activities that are put into place during each edition so that everyone can live the event as an experience. To be able to do this, several means are used: whether it is a workshop in relation with an artist, a creative workshop organized by partners, a live performance or a scenography pushing the public to become actor of the show.

The 2017 season, with 3 editions, will address the theme of cultural heritage throughout the year. This timeless notion will be honored and expressed by the collectives gathered for the occasion. What have we received and what will we leave to future generations? Our exhibition will be a reflection of a society where people mingle by ancestral transmissions, past and present influences of various and varied encounters. What can we gain from this wealth? What is the impact? Through this project, artists will share their culture, vision and know-how. An opportunity for them to present a common work fostered by diversity, encounters and exchanges. Generations will be brought together, cultures and ethnic groups will be gathered, and techniques will be shared. Our core will be in the image of our society: a mixed core for a mixed creation !

Mangoo Pickle

Close UP is a Mangoo Pickle initiative, a young and dynamic group who, through innovative, eccentric and bold artistic and cultural projects, suggests new ways to share, discover and consume an art and a culture that are for everyone!

Season 1

The theme of our first season was the journey. Over the course of a year this artistic journey explored during each edition one of the characteristics of the journey. An edition and an imposed theme around which a group of artists has shared his vision on a Saturday.